2014 Chevrolet Impala – Revealed!

Chevy knows that getting back to the top of their market will require not just matching the competition, but besting them. Oh but do they know…

The 2014 Impala is simply stunning. The bulk of the vehicle is kept from looking blocky by skillful application of creases and fold in just the right places. It looks at once bold, aggressive, fluid, and purposeful with is tastefully undulated sides (no tacky BMW flame-surfacing here) and defined haunches. The square-jawed, Camaro inspired face is tastefully executed. The interior? Fluid, sweeping, and with some genuinely unique touches like the raising center touchscreen that conceals a storage area for phones etc…this goes beyond Toyota, making a mockery of Lexus’ more pedestrian shapes and textures. I could do without all that wood though, that must be a vestigial of consumer focus groups…sometimes the consumers don’t know best. Of course not all models will be cursed with the fake wood. No matter, this will serve its purpose well…shining light on the mediocrity inherent to the products currently produced by Toyota and Honda. Bravo.

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